Located in the heart of Tampa, our business provides top-notch services to the local community. As a premier Tampa business broker, we specialize in mergers and acquisitions, helping you buy and sell businesses with ease. Whether you're looking to sell your business in Tampa or explore new opportunities, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Why Tampa is the Ideal Location for Your Business: Tampa offers a vibrant economy, diverse culture, and a strategic location that makes it perfect for businesses of all sizes. Discover why so many entrepreneurs choose Tampa as their business hub.

Top Attractions and Opportunities in Tampa: From world-class museums to thriving business districts, Tampa is brimming with opportunities. Learn more about what makes Tampa a great place to live and work.

How Our Services Benefit Tampa Residents: Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of Tampa residents. We provide personalized support to ensure your business thrives in this dynamic city.


Sell Your Business With Confidence


Florida Business Brokers: Paving the Way for Your Prosperity


There's a Business For Sale in Tampa FL Waiting For You

Are You Considering Selling Your Business?

Are you thinking about selling your business? Drawing on his extensive experience as a distinguished business broker in Tampa, Tom Brubaker brings his wealth of knowledge to guide you through every facet of your transaction. Our Tampa-based team, comprised of seasoned professionals with global resources, is dedicated to providing personalized attention and optimal exposure to facilitate the formulation of your strategic exit strategy.

At the heart of our tailored approach to business sales is the unwavering commitment to absolute confidentiality. We understand that your legacy is not just a business; it's a testament to your dedication and hard work. With profound respect for your journey, we embrace the responsibility of safeguarding the integrity of your substantial business decisions.


Experienced Florida Business Brokers


We have buyers looking to purchase businesses. Buyers have funds available and qualifying credit, while banks are loaning money for business purchases.

Is it the Right Time?

  • To determine how much someone would pay for your business
  • To create an Exit Strategy
  • To decide if selling is right for you
  • To decide when to sell
  • To establish a strong marketing strategy
  • To list your business for sale

Florida Business Broker Tom Brubaker will develop a Professional Thorough Marketing Strategy for you. We may already have a buyer for your business. Give us the opportunity to:

  • Assess your Business
  • Package your Business professionally for Buyer Review
  • Sustain Privacy throughout the process
  • Pre-Qualify Buyers
  • Organize the deal
  • Support the Negotiation and Closing of the sale
  • Make the deal happen


Enjoy the Flexibility and Benefits of Owning a Business in Florida:

Florida Business Broker Tom Brubaker has adequate resources to lead you to the business that is right for you by offering:

  • A collection of businesses available for sale.
  • Business searches that are specifically designed to meet your needs.
  • Profound knowledge in sale and purchase procedures.
  • Support in obtaining financing through multiple sources.
  • Expertise and assistance in negotiations and closings of sales.
  • Confidence in making the deal happen.