6 Ways to Prepare for Successful Sale of Your Business

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6 Ways To Prepare for a Successful Sale of Your Business


Thinking about the future is part of being a business owner. You must consider how your company will grow and how you can evolve your operations to keep pace with the marketplace. One essential question to ask yourself is: What are my long-term goals for this business?


If selling the company is one of those goals, it’s important to begin planning for that as early as possible. The process of selling a business often takes time, and there are many factors to consider. Tam-Bay Commercial Real Estate discusses six ways you can prepare for selling your business down the road:


  1. Tidy up your documents


Selling a company can be a complex process that involves many types of paperwork. You’ll need to navigate legal documents, financial statements, tax returns, and contracts, among others. Keeping all your documentation organized is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful sale.


One way to stay organized is to use a free document scanner app (you can try this page) to digitize any paper documents. Doing so will allow you to store all your paperwork in one place and access it quickly and easily; it can also help keep documents secure and reduce the risk of losing vital information.


  1. Manage your books correctly


Most potential buyers won’t even consider buying a company unless its books are organized and up-to-date. Keep your financial records organized and make sure you understand your business’s financial health.


You can have an accountant review your financial statements and confirm that everything is in order. Keep in mind that your business will be judged by the way it manages and records its financial transactions, so take it seriously!


  1. Take care of the real estate


Real estate is probably one of your business's most significant assets. If you own the property where your company operates, it’s essential to take care of it. Make sure you have all the necessary permits in place and that the property remains in pristine condition.


Be ready to show potential buyers that the property is valuable and has potential for growth. You may want to hire an agency like Tam-Bay Commercial Real Estate to assist in the evaluation of your property and provide guidance on its market value.


  1. Be honest about sales and profits


Sales and profits are also critical factors that potential buyers look at. Make sure they are accurately reported in your business books. A buyer will want to see an accurate representation of your company’s strength and potential.


Resist the temptation to inflate sales or profit numbers to make your business appear more valuable. Ultimately, this can backfire if a buyer discovers that your figures were inaccurate, or worse, fraudulent.

  1. Keep your operations organized


A potential buyer is going to try to determine how your business runs. Develop procedures and processes that make running your company easier, which will ultimately boost your business’s value and make it more attractive to buyers.


Make sure all essential business documentation is readily available, including sales history, customer information, company policies, and employee records. Keep your staff aware of these processes, and ensure they are followed consistently.

  1. Consider hiring a business broker


A business broker can help you find the right buyer for your business. They can take care of preparing promotional material and screening potential buyers. A broker can also help you determine the right value for your business. In other words, hire a broker today if you want to save significant time and effort during the selling process and have more energy to focus on running your business!


The Bottom Line


The sale of your business might be a long and complicated process, but it can prove to be rewarding and ideal in the end. You just have to come at it with the proper strategies and guidance.


Keeping your documentation organized, managing your books well, reporting your sales and profits accurately, and following the other tips above will ensure your company is well-prepared for the market and ready to be sold. Be intentional, and you’ll be able to sell your business for the right price, to the right buyer, and with minimal stress!



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